Events at Pork Belly

"Limon y Sal" Tequila tasting

September 8 we are organizing a tequila tasting and cocktail event, together with tequila El Tequileño. During the event you are guided by the experts to create your own cocktails, while enjoying a 3-course meal with all the delicacies from Pork Belly Restaurant. The price per couple is $2500 m.n., which includes 3 cocktails, a 3 course meal and the classes. For more information and to claim your sport, contact us!

Try Pork Belly Mezcal

Coming November we will organize an event where you can taste our CBD Mezcal, Pork Belly's own brand. This unique mezcal, infused with CBD brings very interesting flavors, both when sipped alone or combined into a cocktail. More information is coming soon.